31 January 2014

Did You Miss Last Nights Programme

The Truth About Your Dog’s Foodtvshot (1)

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Every dog has its diet


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Our pet project is a real dog's dinner!



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Check out your dog food Here

29 January 2014

The Truth About Your Dog's Food

What Are You Feeding Your Dog?

Documentary investigating what goes into dog food, from vegan and all-meat diets to treats that may be harmful, to how best to feed man's best friend.

Don’t forget to watch this documentary tomorrow night 9pm channel 5

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News: Bluey the dog's special boots for grass allergy


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28 January 2014

Saturday At Litcfield


My lovely Darcy after winning Res AVNSC at Litchfeild Canine Society on Saturday from a quality group of terriers. Trevor
Thank you Trevor, just a lovely photo of a beautiful dog

27 January 2014

Tydfil Joins The Pengerrig Gang.

tydfil1 003tydfil1 002

Meet Tydfil, the latest addition to the Pengerrig Gang. She's made herself at home with kisses from Daddy Solo and at eight weeks of age has cuddled up to "Uncle" Larry who is 15 and a bit! Enid
Congratulations on your lovely new baby, she seems to have settled in well and looks very comfortable sharing Uncle Larry’s bed. Do send us lots of photos we love to see the puppies on the blog.    

A Note From Harvey Bell


Thought you’d like to be brought up to date. About myself. I have enjoyed good health for the past 77 years, up to 14th December 2013, when I started with hiccups.By the following Monday I was totally exhausted and went to the doctors. They were unable to stop them and by the following Wednesday the doctor referred me to A & E. I was admitted that evening, the following day had 2 CT scans and 3 x-rays. I was diagnosed with a mass in my lower bowel and damage to my appendix, upon closer examination damage was noted to my liver. An operation was planned for the next day - Friday - my lower bowel, appendix and lymph nodes & glands were removed. The mass in my bowel contained a cancerous tumour, also the appendix, but of a different type of cancer, the L glands were also affected. Last week I have had ultrasound and MRI scans on my liver and went to a clinic on the 22nd January 2014. I have to have a different scan on my Liver before they can decide on my next treatment. I am optimistic and looking to the future and will keep you informed with any further news.

Best wishes for 2014 Harvey Bell.

I was sad to receive the news that Harvey Bell has been so  poorly, Our get well wishes and thoughts go to him from all his friends on the blog.  We are keeping everything crossed that Harvey will be well enough to attend the Midland show next month. Keep smiling Harvey and lots of love to you!!

The Star Gazers


Hello Everyone,
Sapphire and Jazz here again, well we have been busy getting all of our dates for this years rallies dog displays and fun day  marked down on this years calendar. We don't want to miss any! We have 6 dog displays booked so far from the big ones at the County Show in Shrewsbury (It use to be called The West Mid Show and the Newport show) We display at the little shows like The Spring Lambing Day at the Walford and North Shropshire Collage, which is the first display of the year!
Since we  last wrote we have been on some nice walks even though its been very wet and muddy. Jazz did say that with it been slippery it will give us a chance to perfect and tune our four paw drive up ready for the busy times ahead.


Our Uncle Ian did hear on the radio that over the last fortnight that we could see the I.S.S (International Space Station) flying over head. He looked on a web site and printed of the times, when it would be over head and where to look for it, it also  told how long we could see it for.  Jazz and I have been getting up with Uncle Ian to go out to look,we did see it on a number of occasions even Granny and Granddad got up to see it with us. We all stood  and watched fly over head.  Jazz and I waved at it hoping that the little men inside would see us and wave back( ha ha ha )!. At the end of the month Uncle Ian will get another print of when we could see it again through the month of February. Other than that we have been relaxing with our paws up, getting our strength up before the season gets going so for now woof, woof, woof hope to see you all soon lots of love to you all from Sapphire and Jazz xxxxx


Thank you Sapphire, it sounds like your diary is nearly full for a summer of fun activities. you and Jazz are definitely very famous Cheshire bedlingtons !! You look very sleepy in the photo it must be all that star gazing in the middle of the night.

25 January 2014

Bailey Is 2


Yesterday was baileys 2nd birthday, he had a new toy from his friends and the made him a very special birthday cake! What a lucky boy! Kirsty
Happy birthday Bailey what a lucky boy to have your very own special birthday cake. I You look very patient waiting for Kirsty to give you a slice!

15 Month Old Bitch Looking For A Home


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24 January 2014

Quick Auction In Aid Of The Bedlington Terrier Health Group




Could you put a piece on the blog about our 'quick' auction in aid of the Bedlington Terrier Health Group?  We are holding a quick auction beginning Friday 24th Jan at 7.00pm and running until Sunday 26th Jan at 9.00pm.  This is to re-auctions items that received winning bids on our previous auction, but for which we never received payment, plus a few new items which have been donated.
Hopefully everyone will support this auction again, as brilliantly as they did last time.  At least one of these items received a very high bid in October and it would be great if we could at least regain some of the money that was never received.

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23 January 2014

The Makems Off To Wembley!!!




This may raise a few eyebrows but,       Ha Way!  The Lads.  The Black Cats and The Makems are off to Wembley.  He! He!



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Where Have They All Gone??


Here's Lottie on Seaton Carew beach wondering where all her Bedlington terrier friends have gone. Annie Robinson
Thank you Annie just a lovely photo Lottie looks lonely standing there!

22 January 2014

Haircut For Heidi

Heidi from Heckmondwike is back from her trip to the groomers with her first "do" of 2014 and says hello to everyone. Andy Dolman
Thank you Andy one pretty little girl with her new haircut!











Belle with her 4 hour old babies, she is the proud mum of 4 liver and 2 blue pups

2 Birthday Greetings Today!



Firstly a very happy birthday to Maurice  bedlington  who is 13 today and to Kevin Mumford in Wales.  An nice pork pie for Maurice and hopefully a few beers for Kevin today!

21 January 2014

News: Signs warn dog owners of killer disease


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Congratulation to Marian with Belle

Parker is a Dad again as Belle delivered 5 babies this morning, 3 livers and 2 blue babies. Don’t know all the sexes as yet but definitely 1 liver girl and I blue boy in the litter!!

Stop Press

Number 6 has just arrived 5 hours later another liver!

20 January 2014

TV Diary Date Channel Five 9pm Thursday Jan 30th

The Truth About Your Dog’s Food

Clear your diary, mark your calendar and set your alarm clock - at last a TV documentary on pet food! At 9pm on Thursday 30th Jan Channel 5 will be boldly going where no TV channel has gone before with their documentary 'The Truth About Your Dog's Food' including an interview with WhichDogFood's very own David Jackson!

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News: Why dog foods are a recipe for bad behaviour

dog-food-pet-food-health-454871 (1)

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Crufts Entry Reminder


On Line Entries Close Today!

19 January 2014

Time To Rest


Rosie and Bella take a nap after a hard days play. Jan and Pete

Ah! How cute and obviously the very best of friends!!

News: Tracking down a missing dog in Mali's corrupt capital


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Busy Week In Florida



Hi Everyone,
The Marikov Crew has had a busy time this past 2 weeks.  Miss Molly & Billy Bob had 2 pretty blue boys.  Big sister, Gypsy & I went to a couple of shows, and did OK.  Breed one of the days and even won the breed on a client's corgi.  Will write more later. Mary Lou & The Busy Woof Gang33333

Congratulations Mary Lou on the beautiful babies and and with Gypsy, exciting time for the Marikov bedlingtons.

16 January 2014

Today At Manchester

BEST OF BREED : 1065 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM
Best Dog : 1065 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM
Res Best Dog : 1061 OWEN Mrs D Ch Bisbee Beachcomber JW
Best Bitch : 1069 YEARLEY Mr S D & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Res Best Bitch : 1063 OWEN Mrs D Bisbee Belle Inni
Best Puppy : 1057 KIERNAN, Mr P & LIU Mrs D Sharnor High I'm Viktor At Kierlander NAF
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder : Walshaw

Judge Mr David Shields
Puppy Dog    Sharnor High I'm Viktor At Kierlander NAF

Open Dog      Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh CM
                     Ch Bisbee Beachcomber JW
                     Ch Janmark Jeremiah JW Sn CM
                     Abben Blue Buttons At Chancete
                     Tcheria Shenanigans

Puppy Bitch   Sharnor High Hopes
                     Firey Sharrona Violet

Junior Bitch    Firey Sharrona Violet

Post G Bitch  Nebercrackers Rosie Blue
                     Bluesmurf Glory Daze
Open Bitch    Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW Sh CM
                     Bisbee Belle Inni
                     Ch Miteymidgets Look Of Love
                     ChJanmark Misty HorizonsJW Sh CM

Congratulations to Mark who  also won the breeders group and Best Puppy with his Manchester puppy “Wilma”, also well done to Stuart with Genie and Peter for Best Puppy with Viktor.
Thank you to Carol and Paul for the results

Terrier Day Today


Good Luck to everyone showing today!

15 January 2014

Bella Goes off To Her New Home



The Tylers got in touch with me about Jen's puppies as they had lost their Bedlington that they had from Maureen last year. Due to a change in circumstances,  Jen was looking for a home for Bella. They picked her up on Sunday  and are thrilled to bits Enid
Thank you Enid what a gorgeous baby, who wouldn’t be thrilled with this puppy! I do hope see some photos of Bella growing and developing.

14 January 2014

News: Wood Green Animal Shelter bans rescue dog 'sightseers'


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Health Group Receives Cheque

cheque 016

The cheque from the Bedlington Terrier Auction has arrived and Hefin has deposited in Lloyds Bank this afternoon.
On behalf of the Health Group, he would like to thank everyone who organised it and those who bid for items.